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    Welcome to Everyone !

    Welcome to The Music Lives On. This site is dedicated to the Saint, its DJ’s, Music and Memories. Sadly the Saint does not exist any longer. It is honored however, by the continuation of the special parties which are held each year (White, Black, etc.) by the Saint at Large. The Saint was located at 105 Second Avenue (the old Fillmore East building) in Manhattan.

    The Saint was a magical place and we are a group of fans that will never forget the magic. If you register, you will have access to many very interesting forums.

    Like the Saint, which was a private club, if you become a member, possible only by recommendation by another member, you will gain access to the heart of this Forum which is the member Area.

    For a taste of the music which made that special place so very magical, click on the LAUNCH PLAYER button at the top right corner of your screen.

    Enjoy and remember, THE MUSIC LIVES ON
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