2nd Tripping on the moon

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  • Lightman
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    • Apr 2009
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    Re: 2nd Tripping on the moon

    It's been interesting reading the different takes on the party here. The three of us, Robbie, Michael and myself have gotten lots of great feedback, with some being crititcal. I would expect nothing less from those who really know what it was like back in the glory days of The Saint. I had a lot of fun bringing my visual sense of what that music is to you that night. I know in an ideal world I would have the dream situation of having The Saint lighting system, dome and all. I do miss it, though I am mostly trying to convey the energy of what the hey-day of The Saint was like.. through tight and expressive visual interpretation of the music. By doing that I feel I try to let the room say "oh yeah, I remember this one!", and then it all fits like an old pair of jeans. That's a large part of it for me. I look forward to seeing you all at the next one.


    • LuvLatins
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      • Mar 2006
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      Re: 2nd Tripping on the moon

      Thank you for your post. You were a legend at the Saint and I must say that for me personally (I was only at the first party) many of the anthems of the Saint were missing. That said, your manipulation of the lighting was outstanding and Warren Glucks laser beam from the dance floor was a wonderful added touch. Your a master of the lighting controls then and now and it was truely amzing to watch you make that system sing and dance.

      BJ has located and is restoring the old Saint star machine, perhaps we would arrange a charitty and collect some money to help him restore it to its old glory. We have a deram that someday when its restored we would bring it to one of these parties and fire it up