Happy Gay Pride Weekend to All. Please click the LAUNCH PLAYER button at the top of this forum and listen to Ray Boltz's wonderful track "Dont Tell me Who To Love". The song is a wonderful tribute to this fantastic weekend. Also added the track 2009 Gay Pride Anthem "Rainbows"

To think that Ray was a Christian singer who came out of the closet and has created this wonderful track about acceptance, tolerance and the celebration of diversity is a wonderful tribute to what this weekend is all about. To the rest of you so called "Christians" listen to the words to this track and you may actually learn something. True Christains beleive in tolerance and acceptance not in hatred.

On this weekend of celebration I remember all those dear souls that I have lost. Each and everyone one of you remain a part of me and I will never forget you.

This site is a tribute to the greatest gay night club that ever existed. It was called the Saint and we who are still alive remember it fondly. On this Gay Pride 2009, we remember the nights dancing under the stars at the Saint and the joy and love that beamed and radiated on that dance floor. Who then would have thought we would be close to marraige rights today despite the setback of AIDS.

Now that the country has turned and is headed in a new and posative direction I feel very hopeful about the future. I cant help but wonder where we would be today regarding gay rights had AIDS had not devestated an entire generation and taken so many cherised ones from us so early.

So on this joyous weekend I hope everyone takes a moment to remember how we arrived here. We at the Music Lives On wish everyone a safe and very happy GAY PRIDE 2009. See you all at the Parade tomorrow.